Tile and Grout Cleaning

Are your Tiles & Grout not looking quite as good they once did?

Are the cleaning products you’re using on your tiles not doing the job you want them to?

Are your Tiles & Grout not looking quite as good they once did?
Are the cleaning products you’re using on your tiles not doing the job you want them to?

Here’s some simple and easy ways to get those tiles looking just how you want them – as good as new.
1. All spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible.
2. Use only the recommended dilution of cleaner and follow all instructions carefully.
4. Scrub with white nylon pad as these are softest.
5. Rinse thoroughly with clean, clear water to remove the dirty solution, contaminant and any chemical residue.
Rinsing is a critical step in the maintenance procedure. Use a wet vacuum, dry mop or towel if necessary. If dirty solution is not removed and is allowed to dry on the surface, a coating will form which may be difficult to remove and will attract dirt.


Concerned about your grout getting dirty?

We recommend Aqua-Seal Spray’N’Seal Aerosol Grout Sealer

Sealing your Grout helps with maintenance. Grout is porous, just like a sponge. Spills & dirt can soak into your grout leaving it dirty & hard to get clean again. Grout Sealer once applied, resists water, oil & acid-based contaminants, will keep your grout looking good, simplifies maintenance & does not change the appearance of the grout.

Spray’N’Seal is a breathable, premium natural look sealer designed for maximum stain resistance to grout. Fast sealing with excellent results, can be used for Interior and Exterior is non-yellowing and UV resistant. Expected wear is up to 5 years (will vary depending on surface wear plus frequency & type of maintenance products used). If Grout has been dirty for a long time it must be thoroughly cleaned before sealing.

As you can see on our in store experiment, the tissue sprayed with Spray’N’Seal keeps a hold of the red wine we have poured over it, where as the tissue with no sealer pours straight through!

Please read all instructions on the can before using.


Regular Cleaning

Want to keep your tiles looking good without streaks?

We recommend Aqua Mix Concentrated Stone & Tile Cleaner

An ultra-concentrated cleaner formulated for everyday use. This is biodegradable & when used regularly helps maintain your surface in a pristine condition. Regular use also helps prevent soap scum build up and hard water deposits. Leaves a room smelling fresh and clean with a lemon scent. Coverage will depend on each situation but for regular cleaning you will only need 10-30 ml per 4 litres of water when using this product.

Heavy Duty


Do you have tiled areas that have been neglected?

We recommend Aqua Mix Heavy Dity Tile & Grout Cleaner

A fast acting concentrated high alkaline cleaner and degreaser. It is designed to remove most wax, grease, oil, light soap scum, mildew and algae. Effectively removes most factory applied waxes, floor finishes and is ideal for areas that have been neglected or subject to heavy use. Can be used on all natural stone, grout, ceramic, porcelain, and terracotta.


Do your tiles needs a birthday? A commercial Grade Clean?

We recommend Fila Deterdek

A concentrated acid, heavy duty detergent that does not give off harmful fumes. High performance cleaner and degreaser.
* Removes lime deposits from porcelain floors and wall tiles, showers & bathroom fittings.
* Removes all grout residues and building-site dirt.
* Penetrating cleaner for outdoor paving.
* All-in-one descaler and detergent: contains high concentrations of surfactants.


Do your tiles look good, but your grout needs a clean?

We recommend Fila Grout Cleaner

Ready to use, deep-down cleaner for grout joints in ceramic and porcelain floor and wall tiles.
Unsuitable for porous surfaces treated with wax and polished limestone surfaces.

Once you get your grout clean, we would highly recommenced sealing with Aqua-Seal Spray’N’Seal to help with future maintenance.

Cleaning Materials

We recommend using White Nylon Cleaning Pads when it comes to cleaning stubborn areas on tiles. These are not as harsh as the green kitchen scotch pads but still tough enough to do the job.