Meet the team

Managing Director
Debut: October 2011

Favourite Tile/Range: Any that are pink!
Favourite Drink: Raspberry & Lemonade
Hobby: Racing Production Saloons
Favourite Place: Bali
Line of Wisdom: “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”
Best Concert Attended: Justin Timberlake
Number 1 on the Bucket List: Watch UFC in Las Vegas


Managing Partner
Debut: July 2019

Favourite Tile/Range: Devon White – easiest when I get made to tile
Hobby: Four Wheel Driving
Favourite Place: Mount Maunganui
Desert Island Essential: Car door, so when it gets hot, I can wind the window down
Favourite TV Show: 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
Number 1 on the Bucket List: Visit South Island


Delivery Legend
August 1997

Best Concert Attended: Joe Cocker & Queen with Adam Lambert
Hobby: Speedway, old cars
Favourite Place: Behind a stockcar steering wheel
Desert Island Essential: A decent sized knife
Phobia: Steak and kidney pie
Number 1 on the Bucket List: Finish my MKI Consul Convertible project


Estimator Quotes & Tenders
Debut: December 2017

Favourite Food: Biryani
Hobby: Travel & Photography
Favourite Place: Kerala, India
Desert Island Essential: An inflatable raft with rows
Favourite TV Show: The Serpent
Ideal Superpower: Memory
Line of Wisdom: “If anything is worth doing, do it with your heart” – Buddha
Number 1 on the Bucket List: Training on Photography


Debut: July 2020

Favourite Tile/Range: Axminster Subway
Best Concert Attended: Foo Fighters
Favourite Food: Grazing tables/platters
Favourite Place: Bowentown Beach
Desert Island Essential: Wine
Party Trick: Can make a bottle of wine disappear
Favourite Ice Cream Flavour: French Vanilla


Sales Consultant
Debut: March 2021

Favourite Tile/Range: Cairn White
Favourite Food: Pasta
Number 1 thing on the bucket list: Travel to Italy
Hobby: Squash
Favourite TV Show: Killing Eve
Desert Island Essential: A good book
Favourite ice-cream flavour: Boysenberry
Morning or Night Person: Morning


Sales Consultant
Debut: May 2021

Favourite Tile/Range: So hard I love so many right now – All things hexagon and Epic
Favourite Food: How can I pick one? If I had to choose Ceviche
Hobby: Gardening and yoga
Line of wisdom: Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right (Henry Ford)
Desert Island Essential: lovely bottle or two of Rose
Number 1 thing on the bucket list: Visit the Greek island Ikaria


Trade & Distribution
Debut: May 2023

Favourite tile/range: Extravagant

Favourite food: Butter chicken

Hobby: CrossFit

Best concert attended: Friday Night Jams

Desert island essential: Rain catcher

Party trick: Handstand Walk

Favourite TV Show: GOT (Seasons 1-4 only)

Morning or Night Person: Both

Ideal Superpower: Reality warp

Favourite place: Home

Favourite ice-cream flavour: Fairy bread


Showroom Consultant
Debut: August 2023

Favorite tile/range: The Willow range, it’s so cute!

Best concert attended: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers and Foo Fighters!

Favorite place: Mount Manganui & Whangamata

Desert island essential: Music, to keep my spirits high… And a lot of water!

Party trick:  Always makes it home.

Ideal Superpower: Invisibility

Line of wisdom: “You are stronger than you think”

Hidden talent: Can make money disappear…

Number 1 thing on the bucket list: Travel to the Greek islands with my mum.


Showroom Consultant
Debut: May 2019

Favourite tile/range: Charismatic Range

Best concert attended: Elton John , Cold play

Favourite food: thai food

Hobby:  books, boxing,

Favourite place: Karangahake gorge/ Whangareri Heads – Reotahi Bay

Desert island essential: coffee & hat,

Party trick: yet to be discovered

Morning or Night Person: night owl

Ideal Superpower: Fly

Hidden talent: can solve a rubiks cube

Number 1 thing on the bucket list: Bull dogs grand final