6 Simple Steps To Select Your Tiles

Selecting your tiles


Browse the gallery on our website, visit local showhomes, look at design magazines, Pinterest is full of ideas. Take photos or screen shots on your phone to show us. Please keep in mind that not everything you see on the internet is available in New Zealand, but your pictures are a fabulous starting point for us to show you ways to create a similar look in your home.



If you are building or doing a major renovation it can be helpful to bring any sample colours you may have with you; benchtop or paint colours, carpet or laminate flooring. Floor tiles usually meet other floor surfaces at some point in your home, so you may want them to complement one another.


While we can’t decide for you, we can guide you through your selection process and answer your questions.

Should I use small tiles in a small space? The rule of thumb is that using larger tiles with fewer grout lines makes a space feel less cluttered and more spacious. However your house is your castle, if you like small tiles – use them!
Should I use grip tiles in my bathroom to avoid slips? Select a tile with a surface you feel comfortable with. Grip tiles however are designed to be used outdoors where they can be brushed and hosed down. Keeping them clean indoors is very challenging because soap scum and dirt becomes stuck in the grip surface. A matt or lappato tile finish is what we’d recommend for your wet areas. Although plenty of people select polished bathroom floors for a hotel chic look. Remember a stainless steel or plastic shower base is often more slippery than a tiled surface.

How do I know the difference between wall and floor tiles? Wall tiles are usually softer, lighter and the glaze is not designed to handle the abrasive forces of foot traffic. Floor tiles have a different rating of hardness making them suitable to walk on without showing wear. The rule of thumb is wall tiles can only be laid on walls, floor tiles can be laid on floors and walls.

For more Questions and Answers, see our Common Questions Page.


We recommend you take tile samples home to further help your selection. In different lights the colour of tiles can change. They will also look completely different between day and night. Tiles pick up the colours around them. So, by taking samples home and laying them out for a few days, you will get a feel for which ones you like and whether they suit the rest of your décor.


Tiles are not likely to be available in a size that perfectly fits the space you want to fill. A professional tiler has the skills and the equipment to cut tiles to size. Unlike paint, tiles are not available in every shade of every colour. You may find it useful to view tiles before committing to other colours in your home like paint. Paint is a lot more flexible and the shade can be tweaked to suit your tiles.


We have a vast range of tiles, and it is in our experience that you may visit us several times before you make your final tile selections. We order tiles in especially for your job. Please allow up to a week for your tiles to arrive at our Hamilton warehouse. Also, many people don’t realise just how busy professional tilers are. Expect to wait 6 or more weeks for your tiler to be available to start your job.