Pattern & Feature

From a stone look to striking visuals, these tiles are perfect for the entertainer, the chef, and the relaxer! At Tiles On Devon, we offer an extensive range of tiles that cater to every taste and lifestyle. Take a look at our patterned and feature tiles, designed to add personality and flair to any space. Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, bathroom, or living room, our collection has something for everyone. With options ranging from durable porcelain tiles to luxurious natural stone varieties, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect tiles to suit your needs. Visit our showroom in Hamilton today to explore our wide selection and experience the endless possibilities of tile design.

Arena Cladding Dark 150x610 Arena Cladding White 150x610 Axminster Sand Nat 500x1000 Axminster Sand Nat 500x1000 Axminster Sand Nat 592x592 Axminster Vestigo 592x592 Bondi Mirror 592x592 Bondi Mirror 592x592 Bright Mix 165x165 Bright Mix 165x165 Bright Mix 165x165 Calla Grey 600x600 & Metallic Silver 600x600 Chello Dusky Matt 298x598 Chello Linen Matt 298x598 Cia Bianco 75x300 Cladding Earthen Stone 400x600 Cladding Earthen Stone 400x600 Cladding Grey Stone 400x600 Cladding Grey Stone 400x600 Cuttal Matt 600x600 & RLV Blanco Matt 300x900 Dark Mix 165x165 Dark Mix 165x165 Dark Mix 165x165 Dark Mix 165x165 Design Print Mosaic 300x300 Dimensional Satin Wall 300x900 Domo RLV Marfil Wall 300X900 Dresia Slate Natural Dec 320x625 Exquisite 3D Wall 450x1200 Extravagant Emerald Polished & Extravagant Emerald Polished Decor 600x1200 Fleur Botanical 596x1196 Fleur Meadow 596x1196 Fleur Rainforest 596x1196 Frankie Ocre 65X200 Gambit Blade Matt Wall 400x800 Gambit Diamond Matt 400x800 Gambit Diamond Matt 400x800 Harlem Pewter 60x250 & Manhattah Pewter 60x250 Haven Blue Decor 295x595 Illusion Botanical Wall 400x800 Iola Dark Floret Nat 595x1195 Iola Light Design Lap & Light Nat 595x1195 Iola Light Floret & Iola Light Nat 595x1195 Iola Mid Floret Nat 595x1195 Maeve Marvel Polished 600x1200 Manhattan Blue Gloss 60X250 Masonry Fawn Int/Ext 160x400 Masonry Pewter Int/Ext 160x400 Melody Cinnamon Deco and Matt 200x200 Melody Cinnamon Horizon 200x200 Metro Off White & Graffiti Moroccan Green 150x150 Napier Classic Floor/Wall 200x200 Napier Vintage & Black Floor/Wall 200x200 Nebula White Gloss 125x125 Ornamental Grey Floor/Wall 200x200 Ornamental Grey Floor/Wall 200x200 Park Linear Acero 333x1000 Pastel Mix 165x165 Penny Round Ocean 290x294 Pulse Carrara Herringbone Polished 430x350 & Pulse Carrara Polished 600x600 Quil Sage mix Gloss 90x300 Quill White Matt Wall 90x300 Regal Florencia Verde 200x200 REGAL FLORENCIA VERDE WALLFLOOR 200X200 Regal Floret Espresso 200x200 Regal Floret Tea 200x200 Regal Floret Tea 200x200 Regal Floret Tea 200x200 Regal Floret Tea 200x200 & Aurora White Gloss 75x300 REGAL MADRID BLACK 200X200 Regal Madrid Black 200x200 & Devon White Gloss Wall 100x300 REGAL PACIFIC CHARCOAL PETALS 200x200 REGAL PROVINCIAL GRIS 200X200 Regal Provincial Gris 200x200 & Devon White Matt 150x600 REGAL PROVINCIAL GRIS 200X200D REGAL PROVINCIAL VERDE 200X200 Regal Provincial Verde 200x200 Regal Provincial Verde 200x200 & Devon White Gloss 100x300 REGAL VIENNA GREY 200X200 RLV. Blanco Matt Wall 300x900 Sarahi Blanco Deco 320x625 Taffeta Bianco Deco 316x900 Taffeta Gris Deco 316x900 Travertino Textured Ivory 600x1200 Travertino Textured Ivory and Classic Ivory 600x1200 Trier Old Red Brick 60x250 Trinity Emerald 600x1200 Urban Charcoal Brushed 600x1200 Wren Blu Decor 100x100 Zurich Sand Decor 400x1200