Tile and Grout Cleaning Products

Are your Tiles & Grout not looking quite as good they once did?
Are the cleaning products you’re using on your tiles not doing the job you want them to?

Here’s some simple and easy ways to get those tiles looking just how you want them - as good as new.
Grout Sealer

Grout Sealer

Concerned about your grout getting dirty?

We recommend Aqua Seal Spray 'n Seal 'Aerosol Grout Sealer.

We recommend sealing all your Grout to help with maintenance. Grout is porous, just like a sponge. Spills & dirt can soak into your grout leaving it dirty & hard to get clean again. Grout Sealer once applied, resists water, oil & acid-based contaminants, will keep your grout looking good, simplifies maintenance & does not change the appearance of the grout.

Spray 'n' Seal is a breathable, premium natural look sealer designed for maximum stain resistance to stone, tiles, mosaics and grout. Ultimate in fast sealing with excellent results, can be used for Interior and Exterior is non-yellowing and UV resistant.

Ezy Clean Tile Cleaner

Regular Cleaning

Want to keep your tiles looking good without streaks?

We recommend Aqua Seal Ezy Clean.

Everyday, neutral pH cleaner. Safe and easy to use - No Rinse and streak free. Concentrated for cost-effective cleaning, and can be diluted to 140:1 for regular cleaning. Does not affect existing sealers.

Xtreme Clean Tile Cleaner

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Do you have tiled areas that have been neglected?

We recommend Aqua Seal Xtreme.

Heavy Duty cleaner. High performance cleaner and degreaser. Removes dirt, grease, soap scum etc. Strip waxes and floor finishes, and ideal for heavily soiled areas.

Active Clean Tile Cleaner

Wet area and Soap Scum Cleaning

Have Soap Scum & Dirt in your wet areas?

We recommend Lithofin Active-Clean.

This is a concentrated cleaner for every-day maintenance cleaning in wet areas such as bathrooms, showers, toilets as well as kitchens. Active Clean removes surface residues such as; calcium, lime and dirt deposits, soap scum and greasy residues, rust, etc. from baths and showers. The product works thoroughly yet mildly, does not leave any residues and has a pleasant smell. Suitable for porcelain and ceramic tiles, grouting, chrome, stainless steel, glass and many types of plastics. Not suitable for polished marble and limestone or acid-sensitive surfaces.