Kitchen and Living

Your kitchen and living room are the heart of your home and where you spend the most amount of time. Therefore, it is paramount that you make the space yours with tiles that captivate and accentuate your living space. Whether you’re redesigning your kitchen for culinary creativity or refreshing your living room for stylish gatherings, we offer a diverse range of tiles suited for every aspect of modern living. Transform your space with floor tiles and wall tiles to suit all styles and designs. Come to our Hamilton showroom and we will help you find the best tile for your kitchen and whether you should try ceramic or porcelain tiles. Whether you’re seeking a cohesive look with coordinating floor and wall tiles or experimenting with contrasting textures and finishes to delineate spaces, our range allows for endless creativity. With options for stain-resistant and easy-to-clean tiles, as well as customizable designs, you can effortlessly transform your kitchen and living spaces into inviting havens for relaxation and entertainment.

Ace Travertine Silver 600x600 Arty Sugar Wave 400x800 Atomic Anthracite Matt 600x600 Awaken Anthracite 600x600 Awaken Bone 450x900 Awaken Light Grey 600x600 Awaken Mud 600x600 Axminster Vestigo 592x592 Axminster Vestigo 592x592 Beauteous Blanco Matt 600x600 Beauteous Charcoal Matt 600x600 Beauteous Gris Matt 600x600 Beauteous Marfil Matt 600x600 Brave Coke Interior/Exterior 450x900 Brave Pearl Interior/Exterior 450x900 Bristol Gris Lappato 600x600 Bristol Stone Lappato 600x600 Bula Lait 200x1200 Cairn Earth 600x1200 Cairn Ivory 600x1200 Cairn White 600x1200 Cairn White 600x1200 Calla Bianco 600x1200 Canvas Ocean 595x1195 Cladding Earthen Stone 400x600 Cladding Grey Stone 400x600 Cleo Grigio Gloss 48x450 Coast Dark Grey Cosmos Marfil Natural 600X600 Cottage Albero 165x330 Cottage Caldera 165x330 Craft Verde Gloss Wall 130x130 Darci Anthracite 600x600 and Darci Anthracite Wall 300x900 Dark Marquina Polished 600x600 Design Ashen 596X596 Design Ashen 596X596 Design Noir 596x596 Desire Marine Wall 75x300 Dresia Slate Natural & Dec 320x625 Dresia Slate Natural 320x625 Elite Carrara Lappato 600x1200 Elite Carrara Lappato 600x1200 Epic Pewter 595x595 Epic Walnut 595x595 Eterna Ecru 240x1500 Eternal Ecru 240X1500 Eternal Ecru 240x1500 Eternal Honey 240X1500 Exquisite Stone 596x596 Extravagant Midnight Polished 600x1200 Extravagant Shadow Polished 600x1200 Fair Bianco Gloss 62x125 Fantasy Onyx Satin 600x600 Fantasy Pewter Satin 600x600 Fantasy Silver Satin 600x600 Fenix Nero Matt 600x600 Foundry Pewter 600x1200 Frankie Celadon 65X200 Georgia Grigio 600x600 Herostone 2.0 Ash 600x600 Herostone 2.0 Pewter 600x600 Idyllic Amber 600x1200 Idyllic Emerald 600x1200 Idyllic Marine 600x1200 Illusion Botanical Wall 400x800 Image White Polished 600x600 Impressive Anthracite 600x600 Impressive Earth 600x600 Iola Dark Design Lappato & Light Nat 595x1195 Iola Mid Natural 595x1195 Jupiter Blanco Int/Ext 600x600 Jupiter Cinder Int/Ext 600x1200 Jupiter Graphite Int/Ext 600x1200 Livingstone White Matt 600x1200 Livingstone White Matt 600x1200 Lumber Elm 200x1200 Lux Smoke Polished 600x600 Luxury Marble 450x900 Maeve Gravity Polished 600x1200 Melody Cinnamon Horizon 200x200 Melody Stone Deco 200x200 Metro Dark Copper 75x408 Metro Full Grey 204x408 Mica Grey Matt 600x600 Murcia Coal Lappato 600x600 Murcia Iron Lappato 600x600 Murcia Rust Lappto 600x600 Nirvana Earth 600x600 Nirvana Graphite & Gris 600x1200 Nirvana Graphite 600x1200 Ornamental Blue Floor/Wall 200x200 Percy Pewter Honed 600x600 Percy Silver Honed 600x600 Percy Silver Honed 600x600 Pisa Carrara Polished 600x600 Prima Bianco + Antracite 200x200 Privy White Polished 600x600 Pulse Carrara Polished 600x600 Quarry Black Natural 600x1200 Quarry Black Natural 600x1200 Reverie Moon Matt 600x1200 Reverie Smoke Matt 600x1200 Sarahi Gris 600x600 Satellite Azure 600x600 Satellite Emerald 600x600 Satellite Pewter 600x600 Sphere Coal 600x600 Taciba Aqua 150x900 Taciba Blanco 150x900 Travertino Classic Pearl 600x1200 Travertino Dune Ivory 600X1200 Travertino Textured Ivory and Classic Ivory 600x1200 Trier Mud Brick 60x250 Valley Gris Matt 600x600 Vestige Bianco Polished 600x600 Vida Blanco Matt 600x600 Willow Olive Matt 50x150 Floor/Wall Willow Stone Matt 50x150 Floor/Wall Wren Bianco Gloss 100x100 Wren Verde & Bianco Gloss 50x150 Zephyr Charcoal 600x1200 Zephyr Pewter 600x1200