Aesthetic Mosaics


Aesthetic Mosaic Collection will create a unique and bold statement to any interior wall area. Weather it’s the Phosphorus Copper, brushed silver or gold or the stainless steel, these mosaic’s will bring a real point of difference to your project.

Copper Mosaics
Suitable for wall only. To produce copper mosaics, a natural oxidation process is used. As this material ages and according to different conditions such as, high moisture / oxygen and sulphur, the surface can change over time. This includes natural patina and in more extreme situations, Verdigris will develop. It may be possible to polish back the copper to desired look.

Aluminium & Metal Mosaic
Suitable for wall only. Aluminium & Metal Mosaic surface is naturally soft and is not abrasion resistant.

Do not use abrasive cleaning materials, nor any alkaline or acidic cleaners.

Installation Care and Handling
Transport and installation handling can always leave minor marks and blemishes on the surface of any Aluminium and Metal mosaic. We do not consider these to be faults but rather natural overall effect – they will never be perfect. Please select another item if this is your expectation.

We recommend talking to your tiler before purchasing any of the Aesthetic Mosaic Collection as they will need to use a different cutting process and maybe have to use different products to what they normally would such as a non-sanded grout and neutral cure silicone.

A tiled display of Aesthetic Brass Chev and Metal Wood can be viewed in our showroom.