HYDROCORK – the ethical flooring choice

Hydrocork is an amazing step forward in floating floor technology, with all the benefits of cork in just 6mm of thickness. The Hydrocork line is a product of exceptional quality with on-trend and realistic timber looks. Don’t be fooled by imitations. Insist on Hydrocork from Tiles on Devon.

What is cork?

  1. Protective wear layer 0.55mm1
  2. High resolution printed film2
  3. Solid vinyl layer 1.2mm3
  4. Agglomerated cork composite 3mm4
  5. Integrated vinyl underlay 1.2mm5

The cork used in Hydrocork flooring is sustainably harvested in Portugal. Cork is one of nature’s most extraordinary gifts, it is the bark of the cork oak tree which means it is 100% plant tissue. The tree is not cut down, only the bark is stripped to harvest the cork. The tree continues to live and grow for many hundreds of years.

The manufacturing process of Hydrocork flooring generates almost no waste. In fact, it is a by-product of manufacturing cork-stoppers for wine bottles. Hydrocork is an award-winning environmentally product recycling the waste of another industry.

Why should I choose Hydrocork for my flooring?

To appreciate this material, it is essential to understand the unique characteristics of cork.

Hydrocork is durable. Cork resists marks including dog paws and is 100% waterproof. The elasticity and resilience of Hydrocork’s cork layer creates a floor that is adaptable to pressure. The surface is made with a protective wear layer making it extremely easy to clean and maintain. Hydrocork comes with a lifetime warranty to the purchaser for residential use and 15 years warranty for commercial use.

Hydrocork is healthy. Cork is naturally resistant to mould and mildew and is non-allergenic. Hydrocork provides the perfect balance between flooring that is too hard or too soft. It also provides much needed stability, reduces the effort of walking and decreases body fatigue.

Hydrocork is safe. Corks honeycomb structure and natural fire-retardant qualities make it perfect for acoustic and thermal insulation. From time to time we all drop things on the floor. Cork’s natural elasticity and compressibility results in fewer breakages. It is robust flooring for a busy modern life.

Hydrocork is comfortable and quiet underfoot. The honeycomb structure of cork allows it to absorb sound and vibrations. The same feature that makes the floor comfortable creates a natural noise reducer. Tests have confirmed that cork floors reduce the sound of walking by up to 53%.

Hydrocork is energy efficient. The natural thermal insulation properties of cork provide an optimal floor temperature throughout the year as it syncs with the ambient room temperature. Its insulating effect makes Hydrocork a great choice in a bathroom over radiant floor heating as Hydrocork flooring will retain the heat for longer, helping to reduce your heating bills.

Hydrocork is easy and fast to install. Hydrocork is a low thickness floating floor solution that clips together using a roller or rubber mallet. Tiles on Devon can recommend trained tradespeople who install Hydrocork. Hydrocork is ideal for both new homes and renovation projects. For most domestic installations there is no need to glue this product down making it easy to install for even a DIY renovator.

Hydrocork is easy to maintain. Sweeping and mopping will be the usual maintenance. It is necessary to use a damp mop on the floor monthly with a mild detergent and very little water. In addition, avoid using abrasive or ammonia-based cleaning products. Hydrocork flooring doesn’t require sealing and if in the rare event that a plank is damaged or destroyed, simply pull it up and clip in another.

How much does Hydrocork Cost?

The cost of Hydrocork flooring compares to high-end laminate, tile or hard-wood flooring. Expect to pay $98 per square meter for Hydrocork. Floating floor technology allows for Hydrocork to be installed over existing flooring materials such as concrete, tile, laminate and vinyl. This can save time and cost to remove and dispose of obsolete flooring.